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Wiebe Maple Products is a family run business located in Fullarton, Ontario. We have been making maple syrup as well as other products since 1961. We sell our maple syrup in local grocers and farm gate. Our syrup is packaged in 540mL tin cans, 500 mL glass jars, and by bulk order. We also sell maple spread and candy which are available by contacting us directly. For pricing, please contact us by phone or use our online contact form.

Our History

Ben Wiebe first started making maple syrup in 1961. Ben and his sons, Virgil, Lyle, and Harlen, tapped 1200 maple trees for the first two years with buckets and a wood fired evaporator. In 1963, the family started installing a state-of-the-art tubing system with a ‘sapsucker’. In the same year, they expanded to 3000 taps, as well as, adding a new sugar house with an oil fired boiler. This was the first tubing system in Ontario, and it generated a lot of interest with the press and with many school tours.

During the next few years, other parts of the farm were pursued which resulted in the then outdated syrup project being abandoned in the late 70’s. In 1979, Virgil bought a 2’x10’ wood-fired evaporator and hung 300 pails, which later he traded it for a larger 3’x12’ evaporator. In 1989, Mike, Virgil’s son, purchased a 3.5’x12’ Small Brothers wood fired evaporator. He tapped 500 trees for many years until his children slowly took over the project in the early 2000’s. Since then we have carefully managed our woodlot and upgraded tubing every ten years.

Recently, in 2015, Wiebe Maple Products bought new tubing yet again for 1500 taps with a high vac pump. A new shanty, equipment, high-efficiency wood-fired intensifier evaporator and another 1500 taps were added in early 2016. In the next year, we will have the entire woodlot tapped which, when finished, will total to 4000 taps.

We love being outdoors among the trees and believe that a family that works together, stays together. Lots of our friends and family stop by to see our facilities in the evenings and most importantly taste the sap sugaring. Presently, Brendan & Becky, Kyle & Kayla, and Brock, all work hard to bring you the high-quality sweetness we know that you enjoy!

Brendan and Becky


Kyle and Kayla




Please use the contact form below to get a hold of us with any questions you may have or email directly to info@wiebemaple.ca!

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