Benjamin R Wiebe (1914-2003) first started making maple syrup in 1961 with his sons Virgil, Lyle and Harlen. They tapped 1200 maple trees for the first two years, collecting in buckets and cooking with a wood/tire fired evaporator. In 1963 the family built a new sugar house and expanded to 3000 taps, installing a state-of-the-art tubing system with a 'sapsucker' vacuum pump. Since this was the first tubing system in Ontario, it generated a lot of interest.

Other interests around the farm and abroad brought a cessation of syrup production in the mid 70's. Virgil again got into tapping trees in 1979, hanging 300 pails and purchasing a 2'x10' evaporator. This was later upgraded to a 3x12. Mike, Virgil's son, became more involved in 1989 by purchasing a 3x12 Hurricane, which had forced air blowing under and over the fire. This created a more efficient burn, using 1/4 the fuel of the old one. Mike tapped 500 trees for many years until his children took over the project in the early 2000's. Since then the woodlot has been carefully managed and the tubing upgraded every ten years.

Between 2015 and 2018 new tubing was installed, a new sugar house was constructed and an even more efficient wood fired Intenso-Fire evaporator was purchased along with a reverse osmosis system. The sap yielding taps now number over 4000.

As a family, we love being outdoors among the trees and believe that a family that works together, stays together. Many of our friends and family stop by to see our facilities in the evenings and most importantly taste the sap sugaring. Presently, Brendan & Becky, Kyle & Kayla and Brock all work hard to bring you the natural sweetness in a high quality format that we know you will enjoy.